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MP-D1, Musical Paradise first tube DAC, was released in 2012. Today, we bring out the brand-new design third generation of MP-D1 DAC with tons of improvement and new features. The most important one would be Bluetooth 5.0 APTX-HD wireless high definition audio. With bluetooth APTX-HD technology and native amazing sound quality of our DAC, finally, you can enjoy high quality music through your cellphone wirelessly. You can watch Youtube music video, listen to Spotify, Tidal streaming music and more in the most convenient way without sacrificing sound quality.

Technical highlights:

1. Uses multiple very low output ripple LDO regulators to provide clean analog power performance.

2. Uses SiTime low phase noise asynchronous clock to provide ultra-low jitter performance for all input sources.

3. Digital Isolation between all inputs and DAC chip to filter out the digital interference introduced by the source devices.

4. The USB module uses the latest XMOS U208, which is twice as fast as the previous generation U8.

5. Built-in high-quality headphone amplifier and preamp feature. The insertion of headphone automatically disconnects the preamp output function.

6. Dual toroidal transformers are employed to supply digital and analog output stages separately.  

7. The DAC chip module are plug & play and upgradable. In the future, a new DAC chip will be released. We will introduce the corresponding DAC module for user upgrade.

8. MCU firmware is user upgradable, so the user can upgrade the firmware to support more future DAC modules. Users can enjoy new DAC chips without changing the whole DAC.

9. Zero negative feedback analog circuit design.

10. Independent RCA preamp variable output port.

11. Use genuine audiophile-grade RC components, US Vishay resistors, Obbligato Gold coupling capacitors, ruby, Panasonic, ELNA electrolytic caps, ALPS RK27 volume control.

12. High quality gold-plated RCA terminals.

13. Aluminum alloy case and suspension feet. 


Sound Characteristics

1. The sound stage is 3D, big, wide and deep.

2. Very transparent and airy sounding.

3. Musical and souled.

4. Silk smooth midrange and high.

5. High resolution, reveal super fine sonic details.

6. High dynamic, deep and well controlled bass.


Technical Specs


Frequency response: DC to 50khz


DR/SN: 125 dB


DAC Module: ES9028Q2M (Stock)


Output level: 2.5V single-ended RCA


Input interface: coaxial, Bluetooth and USB. USB input supports up to PCM384Khz, DSD128 (Windows and Mac), DSD512 (Linux and other Linux based systems, such as Roon Rock, Daphile). Coaxial and Bluetooth support up to PCM 24Bit 96Khz.


Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Standard: APTX-HD, APTX, AAC, SBC. Comes with high gain antenna, reception up to 10 meters.


Signal tubes:

Soviet 6H6 (stock), 6n11, 6H30, E88CC, 6922, 6DJ8.


Size: W 36cm x D 26cm x H 10cm


Gross weight: 7 kg


Input voltage: 110-120V or 220-240V, pre-configured to the destination country. Can be changed later by the user.  


Latest Windows driver:


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